STOOP is an interior design firm based in New York City.

We are focused on accessible, modern living. We are known for our thoughtful blend of high and low, contemporary and vintage, Craigslist and custom, for an aesthetic that feels definitively luxe and super livable.

Our spaces flow with an organic integrity. They are uniquely unpretentious. In a world overflowing with choice, we proudly design rooms that are grounding. Our aesthetic is timeless. We create spaces that call us to a familiar place, creating for our clients arresting interiors that provide pause.

Each STOOP design is infused with signature tones that beckon us. Think a warm palette of oatmeal and umber, with occasional jolts of surprising color to keep things fresh. Clean lines and textured neutrals help us highlight a room’s best features, while iconic meets attainable with understated statement pieces, like a well-placed Cesca chair beside a flea market find. 



Beautiful spaces and intelligent design never go out of style. They enhance the way we live. That said, more often than not we hear from clients that their initial inspiration didn’t fit within their budget.

Working with an interior designer can seem like a luxury if you’re trying to keep costs low. We get it. Each designer charges differently, using a variety of parameters with no clear industry standard. Hidden costs and loose pricing structures further complicate matters. More recently, new online design startups have tried to tap into this concept, but even still, the pricing and quality of expertise is not consistent.

This is where we come in. Stoop offers straightforward pricing based on a flat design fee per square foot, with a set number of allowable revisions and the option of various add-ons, like onsite measurements, purchasing, and installation. Our process is transparent and uncomplicated. It works.   



Design: $10/square foot
Measurements: $1/square foot
Purchasing: 10% of the total purchases
Installation: $1000/day



The Design fee covers material selection, color schemes, floor plans, and selecting furniture options that fit comfortably within both your budget and your living space. We charge a flat fee based on the size of your space as opposed to a percentage of the budget. Our reason for this is simple: it doesn’t feel right for us to make more money by spending more of your money.


Good measurements are key when it comes to custom designing. The Measurements fee covers the cost of an onsite visit by a STOOP team member who will take detailed dimensions. If you’re a DIYer at heart, we will happily provide you with instructions on measuring your own space and sending us a rough floor plan.


Included in the Design fee is a detailed purchase list. We will supply you with a document that spells out where to buy each item and the accompanying prices. Alternatively, skip the headache and let us do the purchasing for you. We happily pass along any trade discounts straight to you, and charge a flat fee of 10% of the final purchasing price for our time.


If logistics aren’t your thing, fear not. A STOOP team member would be happy to arrange for the deliveries and be present onsite to install, style, and curate your new items for you. We charge a fee of $1000 per day for this hands on installation service.


OUR FoundeR

Samantha Orley is a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and has been featured in The New York Times, Vogue, The Wall Street Journal, WWD, and Forbes 30 Under 30. She was the winner of the 2016 CFDA Award for Emerging Menswear Design.  As an interior designer, Samantha has a wide-ranging portfolio, from high-end to startup, commercial to residential, and staging to renovations.